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13 thoughts on “AESPA ARMAGEDDON line distribution #kpop #kpopedit #kpopidol #winterespa #kpopcraxe

  1. i'm not even angry, i'm straight up sad and disappointed:( we didn't really get to see giselle's vocal tone clearly here. and this song is a big deal for them for this is their first full album's other title track (kinda the main one). and i TRULY feel that this could've fit giselle's voice 😭😭😭 notice how complex and quite contrasting the voice of karina, ning, and winter are? i believe giselle's voice balances it out. her voice is a deep, charismatic one. but don't get me wrong, the song is AMAZING but i just really expected giselle in this type of song:(

  2. this era no solid rap line for the main rapper especially in Armageddon though she shine more in bside but still 😏and no center during the the dance break for the main dancer sm is such a joke

  3. Giselle should be treated and rap as a Main Rapper in title tracks not in Bsides. Title track/single is the most promoted one not bside.

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